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The Reason Why Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Is Black?

The reason why the Stainless Steel Metal Mesh is blackened, the three metals can be produced in different proportions, and the obtained stainless steel products also have different functions and different appearances. When the content of iron is constant, the higher the content of chromium, the brighter the stainless steel wire, and the higher the content of nickel, the darker. Assuming that the chromium and nickel contents are constant, the content of the paste will also become darker, which is the initial judgment of the appearance of the product.

It is assumed that the blackening of the Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh is caused by oxidation, and the iron element contained therein is sensitive to blackening by heat, and does not exhibit rust marks. In addition, during the production process, the wire drawing machine is not well lubricated and the frictional resistance is too large.

The surface of the stainless steel wire mesh is severely heated, causing segregation of metal elements inside the wire, and the alloy is divided into sections, and then the surface is blackened. We can see that the reason why the stainless steel screen is black is not single. To deal with this problem, we need to deal with it in many aspects.

Stainless Steel Metal Mesh

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