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Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Can Protect Building Structures

Stainless Steel Metal Mesh has non-combustibility, high strength, firmness, easy maintenance, strong functionality, vivid and strong decorative effect, and can well protect the building structure.

The metal decorative net is easy to install, fast, chic and elegant.

Different light, different environments, different time periods, different viewing angles, the visual effect is very rich, applied to various occasions, showing elegant temperament, extraordinary personality, noble taste.

The Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh is spirally woven from metal materials such as aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, copper wire and stainless steel wire. The surface of the metal mesh curtain can be the original color of the metal. The surface of the metal mesh curtain can be the original color of the metal, and can also be processed into bronze. Other metallic colors such as gold.

It can be used for curtains in high-grade buildings, screen decoration in luxury living rooms, star-rated hotels, luxury ballrooms, interior and exterior decoration of high-rise office buildings, etc., and the lighting reflects the brilliant effect.

Stainless Steel Metal Mesh

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