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Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain
Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain

Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain

Metal coil curtain is also called metal coil drapery. Generally, it is made from stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, copper wire or other materials. It is a new kind of high end metal curtain like chain link curtain and chain mail curtain that used to decorative office buildings, hotels, shopping center, concert halls and other places. Compared with traditional curtain, metal coil drapery has excellent fireproof property, ventilation and light transmission, thus it has longer service life. Furthermore, its various spray coated colors not only fit for different design styles of buildings but also meet different demands of our customers. Due to it has so many functions, metal coil curtain is an ideal material for indoor decorations, sun shades, exterior wall ceilings, security gates and so on.



Product name metal coil curtain.
Material stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum alloy, low carbon steel, etc.
Surface treatment pickling, anodic oxidation, baking varnish or spray coated.
Color silver, golden, brass yellow, black, gray, bronze, red, original metallic color or spray into other colors.
Wire diameter 0.5 mm - 2 mm.
Aperture size 3 mm - 20 mm.
Open area 40% - 85%.
Thickness 5.5 mm - 7.1 mm.
Weight 4.2 kg/m2 - 6 kg/m2. (depending on material and size chosen)
Length & Width Customized

Metal coil drapery with different colors


• Beautiful appearance - create a visually decorative effect.

• Mildew proof - also suitable for humidity environment.

• Maintenance free - use a piece of cloth to wipe.

• Environmental friendly material - 100% recyclable.

• Rust resistance - no fade and long lasting.

• Easy installation - lightweight and flexible structure.

• High strength - wear resistance and good toughness.

• Ventilation and light transmission - keep fresh air and enhance lighting.

• High cost-effective - versatility, unique texture and durability.

• Fire prevention - it is nonflammable.

• Various colors and sizes - can be used in different applications.

• Unique design and style - satisfy the requests of high end customers.

• Interior partition.
• Door curtain.
• Security gate.
• Shower curtain.
• Sun shades.
• Store fixtures.
• Ventilation grilles.
• Privacy ceiling panels.
• Fireplace mesh curtain.
• Interior space curtains.
• Decorative facade fabric.
• Architecture outside designs.
• Exterior wall cladding material.
• Wall decoration.
• Blast debris protection.
• Sound insulation.
• Day-lighting screening.
• Fall protection.
For its so many functions, metal coil drapery is suitable for:

• Exhibition halls.
• Hotels.
• Business halls.
• Sports center.
• Walls.
• Railings.
• Window.
• Concert malls.
• Office buildings.
• Dancing halls.
• Shopping center.
• Ceilings.
• Stairs.
• Bathroom.
• Fireplace.
• Balcony.


First, metal coil curtain is packaged in rolls with water-proof paper or plastic film, and then put them in cartons, wooden cases or pallets at your requests.


About the installations of metal coil drapery, we have three methods.

U track installation, H track installation and stainless steel curtain rod installation.

H track is high flexibility, it can be hand bent in any shape or angle to custom fit the layout and shape of curvature, either for wall mounted or ceiling mount.

For U track, exceptional structural design and quality control ensure its solid structure and creates a good view of drooping for hanging.

And stainless steel curtain rod is easy for metal coil curtain to install on.

U track and H track are made from anodized aluminum material. Both are lightweight and rust resistance. These three curtain tracks all have strong steel support, free flowing gliders that can withstand all weights of curtains.

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