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Manufacturing Processes Of Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh

The wire required for the Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh is made by a wire drawing machine with a wire diameter of 5 mm through a drawing machine, and drawn into a wire having a wire diameter of 0.5-2 mm, and the required wire is placed on the knitting machine to be processed into a metal decorative mesh. The next step is to carry out metal decontamination treatment. The aluminum alloy material needs to be immersed for 5-8 hours. The low carbon steel material needs to be soaked for 3-5 hours, and then the surface liquid residue is washed away with water. (The liquid immersion decorative net is permanent. Do not fade), then hang the Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh in a large baking workshop, high temperature baking to the surface without water droplets, and finally the surface baking process.

Common colors: copper, bronze, titanium gold, brown, orange, dark silver, rose, rose, and green.

Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh

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