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Influence Of Environmental Conditions On The Performance Of Expanded Metal Mesh

(1) The Expanded Metal Mesh generates a large amount of heat due to friction at high temperature; due to different thermal expansion coefficients, different materials may be welded together to cause thermal fatigue. When the temperature exceeds 400 °C, the thermal expansion between parts causes intermittent reduction, and creep should be considered. (High temperature) hot brittleness, brittleness of carbon precipitation, and influence of temperature change (cooling and expansion). The effect of high temperature on lubrication, silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricants have good heat resistance.

(2) The Expanded Metal Wire Mesh exposed to the corroded material will cause the mesh belt to become thinner, the wear is accelerated, and the rust on the parts affects the metal mesh belt hinge and the roller motorized rotation;

(3) In the acidic or alkaline environment, the metal mesh belt will exhibit stress corrosion and grain corrosion. In a corrosive environment, it is necessary to choose the material of the heavy mesh belt. Whether the metal mesh belt is made of martensite stainless steel depends on the working conditions and the chain mesh belt.

Expanded Metal Mesh

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