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Expanded aluminum metal ceiling
Expanded aluminum metal ceiling
Expanded aluminum metal ceiling
Expanded aluminum metal ceiling
Expanded aluminum metal ceiling
Expanded aluminum metal ceiling

Expanded aluminum metal ceiling

Feature • Expanded metal premise free flow of light, heat, sound and air. • Effective alternative cost. • Available in a variety of mesh configurations including diamond, square, round, hexagonalplus architectural and decorative patterns • It is easily fabricated, finished, installed and formed. Specification Material Aluminum Surface treatment hot-dip galvanizing, electric galvanizing, powder coated, PVC coated, anti-rust paint, polished, anodized, etc. Expanded mesh types Mesh type and direction, limitless choice of colours and lighting designs can be combined with ease to ensure an aesthetic finish. • Mesh size and alignement may present a different appearance to the ceiling. Such openings in the ceiling in projects with low ceiling height, ensure that air behind the ceiling becomes part of the general air circulation. • Changes in the direction of the meshe cause the formation of different angles of light and fields of vision which, when combined with appropriate lighting systems, create a varitey of aesthetically pleasing shadow effects.


Raisedexpanded metal for ceiling

Raised expanded metal is also known as standard expanded metal. Raised expanded metal is made by shearing and stretching the metal sheet with a set of die on a press, creating diamond shaped openings. The solid intersections of two strands are called bonds that lie on top of each other to form a raised effect. This adds additional strength and rigidity to the expanded metal, also provides directional skid-resistance surface. No material is lost in the manufacturing process, not like the perforated metal production, so it is a green engineered alternative in many projects.


  • Can never be unraveled.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Perfect finish.
  • Slip resistance or slip-proof.
  • It provides a screening effect, allowing light, sound, air and water to pass through.
  • A variety of patterns, sizes and colors available, ideal for decorative meshes.
  • Great versatility, stability.



Flattened expanded metal for ceiling

Flattened expanded metal is expanded in its normal way, which is the same as raised expanded metal. An additional process is by passing raised expanded metal through a cold rolled reducing mill and a leveler, leaving a flat also smooth surface similar to perforated metal.

The rolling process elongates about 5% the length of the sheet while the width remains the same. Flattened expanded metal possesses many properties, making it a very versatile product suitable for applications across many industries, such as commercial, automobile and agricultural.


  • Smooth surface won't hurt anyone.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low cost and free maintenance.
  • Wide range of applications.






  • Packaging:
    Plastic film then pallet or according to the customer's requirments.
  • Shipping:
    15days for 1X20ft container,20days for 1X40HQ container.

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