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Curtain Net And Metal Mesh Curtain

Whenever we mention metal, it often leaves a cold, hard impression. Using metal materials to make decorations, although it looks gorgeous and noble, it will bring a sense of oppression and distance.

The appearance of Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain just made up for this shortcoming. The manufacturing process of the metal curtain is similar to the textile of the cloth. The linear motions of the two sets of wires meet each other and then alternately touch up and down to form a sinusoidal curve-like stable lamination relationship. This weaving process makes the metal building materials change the icy impression that often brings people, so that the metal mesh curtains show unique soft properties and emit silky luster. It is really the crystallization of art.

Decorative Wire Mesh For Curtain are now appearing more frequently in restaurant hotels, leisure and entertainment cities, famous flagship stores, and office buildings, because it can create a variety of decoration styles. In particular, ceiling ceilings and partition curtains can make full use of sunlight and lighting effects to create a dreamlike situation. Deeply favored by the majority of owners and designers.

Metal Chain Link Mesh Window Curtain

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