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Classification Of Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh

The Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh is mainly used in high-end restaurant hotels, exhibition hall flagship stores, cultural and sports centers, shopping and entertainment centers, villas, office buildings. It is used to make building curtain wall materials, indoor ceiling ceiling decoration, elevator wall landscaping, office building partition screens, etc.

The Stretch Metal Mesh can be roughly divided into: embossed decorative net, plied wire rope decorative net, hook flower decorative net, metal curtain metal cloth decorative net. The decorative mesh mainly uses stainless steel wire in the material because the stainless steel wire has good ductility, is not easy to wear, is resistant to corrosion, and is resistant to high and low temperatures. Used as a curtain wall network to resist the harsh natural climate, to protect buildings from damage and increase their life, and the curtain wall itself is easy to maintain and maintain. The indoor use will emit a unique metallic luster under the illumination of the light, which is truly elegant and beautiful. Our company can use other materials as raw materials for decorative nets according to user's requirements, such as: phosphor bronze, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, etc. The surface can be treated in a special industrial way with different individual colors.

The stainless steel decorative mesh is simple and convenient to install and does not require a lot of people to operate. According to the installation method, it can be divided into: horizontal installation, vertical installation and special mode installation. At the same time as the aesthetics and the surrounding environment are integrated, the metal decorative mesh corners are tightened and stabilized with different metal fasteners, making it look more dignified and generous. It is a rare modern building and home decoration building materials.

Decorative Perforated Metal Mesh

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