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Balustrades Perforated Metal Mesh Windbreak Wall

Balustrades Perforated Metal Mesh has a wide range of applications. Wind dust mesh is one of the important applications of perforated mesh.

The windbreak wall is based on the principle of aerodynamics. According to the results of the implementation of the on-site environmental wind tunnel test, it is processed into a certain geometric shape, opening ratio and different hole shape combined wind and dust suppression wall, so that the circulating air (strong wind) passes through the wall. In the body, the upper and lower disturbing airflow is formed on the inner side of the wall to achieve the outer strong wind, the inner weak wind, the outer small wind, and the inner side without the wind, thereby preventing the dust from flying.

Because the Decorative Hole Perforated Metal Mesh can produced with different hole shape and different hole size according the installation environment of the product. It is the ideal choice for wind and dust suppression mesh.

Balustrades Perforated Metal Mesh

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